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02:16pm 25/02/2008
Top 4 Colorful Cocktailscourtesy of Listocracy
Tired of going to cocktail parties and drinking the same pale, lifeless drinks? Add some spirit to your drinks with these colorful cocktails and decide which you think is most eye catching.
Vote for Blue Lime Ghost  at Listocracy
Unchanged Blue Lime Ghost
Create some spook at your next Halloween party with this brilliant blue cocktail. Add a little dry ice to the mixture to create a ”smoky” effect that will impress all your friends.
Vote for Purple Haze Martini  at Listocracy
Unchanged Purple Haze Martini
Splashes of pomegranate juice fused with sky blue Hpnotiq is a surefire way of dazzling your senses and leave you craving more.
Vote for Pink Angel  at Listocracy
Unchanged Pink Angel
Discover a new meaning to the phrase “heavenly divine” by bringing this fresh taste to your lips. Make this Cosmo by substituting cranberry juice with pomegranate.
Vote for Artic Warmer  at Listocracy
Unchanged Artic Warmer
Forget Hot Totties and whip up this bold drink next time you need to warm your belly. Made with menthol vodka and served warm, this is sure to cure any of those winter blues.
List current as of: February 22, 2008
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03:31pm 30/11/2007
What Your Favorite Color Purple Says About You:

Intuitive --- Seeking --- Creative
Kind --- Self-Sacrificing --- Growth Oriented
Strong --- Very Wise --- Rare
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That doesn't really seem appropriate  
04:38pm 29/11/2007

Your Elf Name Is...

Flakey Sticky Fingers

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(no subject)  
01:19pm 29/11/2007
Charlie finishes his coffee without seeing her. He closes his book and walks out of the cafe. He is a little disappointed, but not as much as he would have been if he had seen her and said nothing, again.

"Why do I torture myself like this?" He wonders aloud. "Every day, I'm in here waiting for her to see me and then nothing. I can't seem to open my mouth when she's around."

He walks about a block and sits down on a bench. He hasn't been sleeping well and can't focus on much during the day. He feels like he's in someone else's body. He can feel his fingers, but they do not feel as if they are the same ones he was born with.
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Christmas is everywhere  
10:44am 26/11/2007
I saw my parents this weekend and my mother gave me some of my Christmas gifts. I'm not going to be spending Christmas with them this year because it's Husband's Family that we will be with, but I will be visiting right after. I've got more than a week off for Christmas and New Years. Now the gifts are sitting in my closet, tempting me.

I have bought a few gifts so far, something small for Mom, something even smaller for Dad, something for my little brother and something for his girlfriend. I'm making gifts for a lot of people too. Friends and extended family are getting home made gifts. It's harder than I thought. I'm not sure what would be useful.

I'll figure it out before it's time to give people presents. I think I'll make kitty toys for the cat owners (owned?). Pot holders for some folks and dish cloths for others.
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(no subject)  
09:50am 21/11/2007

Take the Christmas Quiz - Christmas Triva Quiz at QuizRocket.com!
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11:12am 19/11/2007
Charlie walks into the cafe. It's pouring out and he forgot his umbrella. He sits down at a table near the back and hauls out his book. He sits there, reading and waiting for her to walk by.

He's been in love with her since the first time he walked in to that cafe. She has a spark that nothing can extinguish. Beautiful green eyes, long brown hair and a smile that tells the world she has a secret, but it's too good to share.

He's only pretending to read. The waitress asks him what he would like, even thought he's ordered the same thing every day for the last two years. He never notices any of the staff, except her. The staff have noticed him, but this one is new. She doesn't know that he gets the same coffee every time, and nothing else. She doesn't know that he doesn't talk to anyone, not even her.

So he orders, and when the waitress returns to the counter, his coffee is sitting there, waiting for her to take it to his table. She looks around to see who made the coffe, and to check if it was for her.

"It's the same thing he orders every time, I started making it when I saw him come in." The tall waitress with green eyes says. "He gets the same thing, and he's here every day." She smiles as she says that, and the new girl wonders what she's hiding.

She takes the coffee to his table. The cafe is empty, so she smiles at him and asks him about the book he's reading. She likes to talk, and doesn't give up easily. She's an avid reader, and already knows what the books is about. She just wants him to talk.

"It's a new take on legands and folklore. Nothing that interesting." He says in a slightly dismissive tone.

"Well, it looks scary. I wouldn't want to read that in the dark." the new girl responds.

He just looks at her, so she smiles again, and walks away, on the pretense of cleaning off another table.
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Friday! Happy Dance Time.  
09:36am 16/11/2007
You can't see me but I'm doing a little happy dance wiggle in my chair. I don't know why I'm so excited that it's Friday, it's not like I have a life or anything.

So, not only did I watch Grey's last night, I also watched CSI. Where is Sarah going?

Grey's didn't suck but it was no where near as good as last season. George and Izzie are a little creepy. I covered my eyes last week when they were "trying" and I was happy to not have to do that again.

I recently put my Sigmund Freud bobble-head on my desk, and I keep thinking he's looking at me, and trying to analyse me. It's a little weird.
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Purple Monkey Dishwasher  
03:35pm 15/11/2007
It's my Purple


Dishwasher Lasagna

You Cleaned What in Your Dishwasher?
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Thursday morning  
08:55am 15/11/2007
It's Thursday morning, you know what that means? Grey's is on tonight! Yay! I hope they still have a few new episodes before the writer's strike affects the series. I know they've shut down production, but I would like to see a few more new episodes.

Speaking of the strike...United Hollywood This is the blog the writers are maintaining to get out their side of the story. It's got some great videos of the picket lines. It's nice to see the "stars" out supporting the folks who make their characters. These writers deserve some credit and attention.
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