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Christmas is everywhere  
10:44am 26/11/2007
I saw my parents this weekend and my mother gave me some of my Christmas gifts. I'm not going to be spending Christmas with them this year because it's Husband's Family that we will be with, but I will be visiting right after. I've got more than a week off for Christmas and New Years. Now the gifts are sitting in my closet, tempting me.

I have bought a few gifts so far, something small for Mom, something even smaller for Dad, something for my little brother and something for his girlfriend. I'm making gifts for a lot of people too. Friends and extended family are getting home made gifts. It's harder than I thought. I'm not sure what would be useful.

I'll figure it out before it's time to give people presents. I think I'll make kitty toys for the cat owners (owned?). Pot holders for some folks and dish cloths for others.
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