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02:16pm 25/02/2008
Top 4 Colorful Cocktailscourtesy of Listocracy
Tired of going to cocktail parties and drinking the same pale, lifeless drinks? Add some spirit to your drinks with these colorful cocktails and decide which you think is most eye catching.
Vote for Blue Lime Ghost  at Listocracy
Unchanged Blue Lime Ghost
Create some spook at your next Halloween party with this brilliant blue cocktail. Add a little dry ice to the mixture to create a ”smoky” effect that will impress all your friends.
Vote for Purple Haze Martini  at Listocracy
Unchanged Purple Haze Martini
Splashes of pomegranate juice fused with sky blue Hpnotiq is a surefire way of dazzling your senses and leave you craving more.
Vote for Pink Angel  at Listocracy
Unchanged Pink Angel
Discover a new meaning to the phrase “heavenly divine” by bringing this fresh taste to your lips. Make this Cosmo by substituting cranberry juice with pomegranate.
Vote for Artic Warmer  at Listocracy
Unchanged Artic Warmer
Forget Hot Totties and whip up this bold drink next time you need to warm your belly. Made with menthol vodka and served warm, this is sure to cure any of those winter blues.
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