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marymurple's Journal

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Once upon a time there was a fair princess who roamed the land, through the wilderness, into the mountains and back in search of her calling. After years for searching, she came across a castle that felt like the home she had left so long ago. Tired from her long travels she thought it time to settle somewhere. She had slayed many dragons masquerading as princes and noblemen, and felt that she had earned a comfortable bed and hot meals. She was admitted to the castle, and brought to meet the queen. It seemed that our princess in shining armor had slayed the queen's husband somewhere along her long and winding path. Instead of being turned away, or lynched for murder the queen welcomed the princess into her castle with grace. It turns out the queen had been longing to slay her dragon husband for ages, but had failed to find a chink in his tough dragon-skin. She was so greatful to the princess that she offered up half her kingdom as a reward.
The princess accepted and they lived happily ever after.